My First Book Club—And Starting Your Own!

student-org-fairI know I have talked a lot about starting various book clubs over the years, whether they be from my time in college, at work, or today in my private capacity. I have started a bunch. Today, however, I wanted to take a trip down memory lane and go back and look at my very first book club that I joined while I was a freshman in college and show you why you should join one too!

So, to start off, it was my first year in college—the first month in fact. And every fall semester all of the student organizations on campus organize a gigantic exhibition on the main quad where each one gets a booth and they talk to people walking by. As you can imagine, there are clubs for just about anything and everything under the sun. Frisbee clubs, softball clubs, archery clubs, dance clubs, you name it! If it’s a popular (or even not so popular) hobby or activity, there will be a club. There is even a club that goes around feeding the wildlife on campus—who knew?!

So as I was walking around this giant festival-like event of student clubs, I stumbled across a few different writing and reading clubs where people would get together and read books, discuss them, and talk about the characters, plot, storyline, etc. I know this doesn’t sound like that revolutionary of an idea, but up until then I had never really heard about something like this. I went to a relatively small high school of about 500 or so kids. I had about 140 people in my graduating class and we didn’t really have much of a reading or writing association at the school.

So needless to say this sounded like an amazing group to me and I went on book club overload. I joined 3 or 4 different book clubs that same day and couldn’t wait to become an active member of all of them.

Over the next year and a half I was very active in the clubs, making a number of different selection for the month’s book and other discussion topics, but I got the urge to start my own group. Not that the groups I was in were inadequate, but I wanted something more. So the end of my sophomore year I got everything set in place to start my own club for the beginning of my junior year and it went spectacularly. It blossomed into the biggest book club on campus and it is still going strong today!

So why haven’t you started or joined a book club yet? Were you like me when I first got out of high school and didn’t know that they even existed? If not, what are you waiting for? They are loads of fun and they keep you reading if you’re not someone who is naturally inclined to do so. I have had a lot of fun over the years in my various clubs and have been exposed to a lot a great books that I would not have otherwise known about or even heard of.